EOC All In One CD7944N

The C-Data All-In-One product is designed to provide Internet service to subscriber’s home through the existing coaxial access network. With XPON, EOC and HFC technology , the All-In-One product meets the CATV broadcasting, VOD and Internet service requirement of cable operators for FTTB/FTTC. It build with XPON ONU, EOC master and Optical Receiver module in one housing.

The Optical Receiver module received the optical signal from the Optical Transmitter of HFC network, and the signal processed by the PD, Amplifier, EQ and AGC to a stable RF output. The output level will be up to 104dBuv( 4*RF output). Ethernet data is delivered to ONU through the XPON network form the OLT.

The EOC Master module meets Home-plug AV standards, is designed based on Qualcomm AR7410 chip-set with high anti-jamming capability OFDM technology. It will modulate the Ethernet data into EOC RF signal in the 7.5-65MHz .The EOC signal and CATV signal (87~860MHz) can run on one coaxial cable without interference. The EOC Master can provide high speed data service at 600Mbps PHY Layer speed, the MAC Layer throughput is up to 320Mpbs.